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High-Carbon Wire

  • Furniture Springs

  • Bedding Springs

  • Automotive border wire and seating

  • Mechanical Springs

  • Agricultural Springs

  • Cotton bale tie-wire

  • Concrete snap ties

  • Appliances

Low-Carbon Wire

  • Appliance shelving

  • Nail wire

  • Wire forms

  • Shopping carts

  • Co-Axial cable

Induction Tempered Wire

  • Overhead Door Springs

  • Screen Cloth

  • Mechanical Springs

  • Suspension Springs

Wire Technology

HSM Wire Technology is a key source of high-and-low-carbon steel wire for an increasingly diverse range of manufacturers and industries across the country. The customized production facility produces drawn, and induction tempered wire to ensure consistent performance and outstanding quality for even the most demanding specifications. Our induction tempering process is an improvement upon the traditional or conventional oil tempering methods.



  • High strength with increased ductility

  • Consistent performance from coil to coil

  • Increased fatigue life

  • Customized tensile ranges for specific applications

  • Inventory of most in-demand wire sizes and diameters maintained in our 70,000-square-foot warehouse

  • Comprehensive barcode tracking employed on materials to control and monitor each stage of production and shipping

  • Environmentally friendly shot blaster rod preparation avoids hydrogen embrittlement while enhancing ductility and lubrication during the cold drawing process.

  • High-performance drawing dies are made in-house to control costs and ensure quality

  • Metallurgical lab with degreed metallurgist validates quality








Wire Drawing


Metallurgical Lab

All of HSM Wire Technology products are routinely subjected to comprehensive testing in its on-site state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory. This computer controlled environment enables HS Wire Technology technicians to test vital performance characteristics including tensile testing, torsion testing, and micro-hardness testing. HS Wire Technology can also analyze microstructures of its products using its metallography lab, and share this analysis via digital imaging.


Shot Blaster

Instead of environmentally hazardous acids used by many other wire manufacturers, HSM Wire Technology’s shot blasters utilizes one of the industry’s most advanced methods available to prepare steel rod for cold drawing. This innovative process eliminates hydrogen embrittlement problems, provides greater ductility, and promotes the superior lubrication necessary for controlled cooling during the cold drawing process.


Exceptional Inventory

HSM Wire Technology inventories specific wire sizes of the most in-demand finished goods within a 60,000 square-foot- warehouse. The company’s drawn wire operation has the unique advantage of being small enough to offer personalized, flexible, responsive service, yet its technologically advanced systems have the capacity to satisfy the greater demands of larger companies with rapid turnaround anywhere in the nation.


Comprehensive Material Tracking

Every carrier of wire HSM Wire Technology produces electronically tracked via bar-coding technology that enables the company to carefully control and monitor its products at each stage of the production and shipping process.


In-House Die Production Facility

HSM Wire Technology utilizes a sophisticated grinding system to manufacture high-performance drawing dies. The ability to produce dies lowers costs to customers and give uncompromising control over production standards and quality.


Responsive Customer Service

Even when your deadline is down to the wire, HSM Wire Technology expert customer service representatives will do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the wire you need, when you need it, anywhere in the nation.



Drawn Wire Capabilities


Size Range

  • High-Carbon Phosphate Music:  .080 through .295 (2.03 mm -7.45 mm)

  • High-Carbon: 0.50 through .625 (1.26 mm-15.875 mm)

  • Low-carbon: .050 through .625 (2.03 mm-15.875 mm0

  • Induction-Tempered:  OTMB - .162 through .625 (4.12 mm-15.875 mm)

  • Induction-Tempered: CRSI - .207 through .625 (5.25 mm-15.875 mm)

Product Range

  • Hard-drawn HDMB & Phosphate Music

  • Cold-Rolling Quality

  • Low-Carbon Plating/Bright Basic and Basic

  • Induction-Tempered Wire OTMB and CRSI

  • High Carbon Wire



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