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Metal Stamping  & Laser Cutting

For stamped parts, Hickory Springs engineering and manufacturing professionals are experts in streamlining part design to eliminate unnecessary costs. Our team works with you at the beginning of a project to shorten time-to-market while ensuring the highest level of quality. You can count on the same results with every production run because we use 3D CAD software to design for manufacturability and repeatability. Through rapid prototyping, we also provide accurate evaluation and validation for your stamped product.


  • Pre-planning process ensures fastest time-to-market with optimum quality and cost

  • Single-source manufacturing ensures quality in every phase of production, from prototyping to packaging

  • Rapid prototyping provides more accurate evaluation


  • Quick die-change stamping methods include progressive die and transfer stamping

  • Can handle powder metal and fine blank geometries

  • Features include: coated, countersunk, embossed, fl at and heat-treated parts

  • Materials include: low carbon steels, high strength low alloys, stainless steel, cold roll steel, spring steel, galvanized, tin plated, copper, bronze, aluminum, brass, exotic and coated/painted materials

  • Processes include: progressive die presses, compound dies, transfer presses, forming, spinning, tapping, spot welding, mig welding, deep drawing and coining

  • Fiber optic laser for fast and precise cutting, including cutting high-reflective metals

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