Knotted Offset Innersprings

Product Line Features

This industry standard is heat-treated for extra strength and durability.
It's available in standard and high-profile versions, and in a variety of
wire gauges to meet your particular needs.





Product Line Features

Hickory Springs innovative patented InChex Technology includes a single right-turn coil innerspring construction that is rotated every other coil 180 degrees, which eliminates roll-together while providing stable and balanced twin-bed comfort in a single innerspring queen/king design. Available in 357 and 396 coil counts and 5", 6" and 7" heights.




Product Line Features

Hickory Springs zero deflection PowerStack™ box spring is engineered for extreme stability. A series of cup-shaped internal supports are welded to the box springs' border wire and cross-support grid then secured at the base on two axes. This unique construction prevents head-to-foot and side-to-side sway and reduces pocketing as well. Assembly is quick and simple - just staple it in place and move in on down the line.






Product Line Features

Hickory Springs InnerACT innerspring is the first ultra-high coil count, free-end offset innerspring engineered with alternating right-turn and left-turn coils. This breakthrough design provides unmatched sales features, enhanced marketing opportunities, and exceptional stability not found in competitive innersprings.


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