Freestanding Bed

Foam Medical Mattress

Product Features

Mattress Sizes

  • 36"x80"x6" width or 36"x80"x8"

Mattress Cover                          

  • Laminated Navy Nylon with Zipper on the bottom of three sides of the mattress                

  • Waterproof and Vapor Permeable

  • Easy Wipe to Clean & Sanitize

  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungus & Anti-Dustmite 




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Product Features

Heavy-Duty Freestanding Bed

  • Frame Width

    • 36"

  • Leg Height

    • 23" 

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Product Features

Mask Sizes

  • Universal - One Size Fits All

Mask Features                       

  • Earloops

  • Layered construction 

  • Nose clip

  • Constructed with non-woven polypropylene








Face Mask


Non-Surgical Gown


Product Features

Gown Size

  • Universal - One Size Fits All

Gown Features                         

  • Ties at the back and neck              

  • A modified design for neck comfort

  • Thumbholes in each sleeve

  • Reduced number of sewn seams








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