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Foam Fabrication

Product Line Features

Hickory Springs Foam Fabricators utilizes a wide array of fabrication techniques, ranging from the simplest straight-cut to the most intricate die-cut shapes, including high accurate CNC cutting. If it can be constructed from foam, Hickory Springs Foam Fabricators can make it. Rectangle or custom, square-cut or specialty shaped, basic foam or multi-foam composites, we deliver it all with quality and efficiency.


Furniture Fabrication 

  • Blown fiberfill

  • Convoluting cut

  • Contour cut

  • CNC fabrication (foam and fiber batting)

  • Cut & sew

  • Die-cut

  • Down & feather cushions

  • Molded foam

Foams We Use

Conventional Foams — an extensive range of standard foams from super-soft to very firm, light to heavy densities.

California 117-2013 Foams — formulated without fire retardants to meet California's Technical Bulletin 117-2013, required of furnishings intended for sale in California.

Code*Red II® Foam — fire-retardant, high-performance foam suited for use where British, Boston, and/or Cal. 133 specifications are required.


High Resilience (HR) Foams — valued for their high support factor, high resilience foams are most often utilized in top-quality seating and premium bedding.

Preserve Viscoelastic (Memory) Foams — Hickory Spring produces a wide variety of pressure point-reducing viscoelastic foams, ranging in density from 2.5 to 5.5 pounds per cubic foot with various softnesses available.


Reticulated Foam — extremely high porosity (airflow) makes HSM’s reticulated foams ideal for outdoor furniture cushions, filter media, and other specialty uses.

Anti-Stat Foams — specially formulated foam which dissipates electrostatic charge for packaging sensitive electronic equipment.


Rebond Foam — high-density reconstituted foam manufactured for various markets including school bus seating, golf cart seating, furniture parts, and carpet underlay offered in a variety of grades.

Hickory Springs Foam Fabricators has manufacturing facilities in the following locations to service customers:


Hiddenite, NC

High Point, NC

Lenoir, NC

Monticello, IA

Ocala, FL

Owensboro, KY

New Castle, IN

Verona, MS



Expanded Poly Styrene polystyrene
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