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Bedding Fiber

Low Melt Fiber Battings

Low melt fibers utilize sheath-core fibers that melt at high temperatures and bond with other fibers to provide excellent matrix stability and handling characteristics. Low melt fibers also enhance cushioning product quality.


  • EnduroLof - Denser batting for seating applications.

  • EnduroLoft Plus - Softer material with more batting loft, for back applications.

  • EnduroLoft Supreme - Dry hollow conjugate fiber blend with increased support and durability for upper-end furniture and bedding applications.


  • Enduroloft Luxe- Slick hollow conjugate fiber blend with a more luxurious feel, for padding in upper-end furniture and bedding applications.

  • EnduroPad - Thermal bonded dense white pad, used as insulator pad over springs in both mattress and furniture application.

  • Enduroslick– Thermal bonded blend of slick & dry fiber produces a luxurious feel for backs and cushion wraps.

  • Trim Pads – Thin, densified polyester for arms and backs

  • Insulator Pads - Fiber that is applied over the springs is known as White Shoddy Pad. Fabricated from 100% polyester fiber, virgin & recycled blend. Ideal for stable, comfortable cushioning. 


All of our fiber styles are available in a variety of battings for quilting and furniture weights.  Depending on the style, we can manufacture custom weights, lofts, and stiffness. Weights range from .50 oz. per sq. ft. to 10.0 oz. per sq. ft.


Cotton Batting and Custom Fabrication



Synthetic-Cotton Batting

  • Fabricated from a blend of synthetic fibers and clean, machine-grade white cotton.

  • Garneted, cross-lapped, compressed and gathered into high-quality roll stock, then wrapped in brown paper.

  • Used primarily as padding in furniture, as well as a wide variety of other furniture and bedding applications.


A Full Range of Filling Materials

Hickory Springs manufactures one of the most extensive inventories of filling material in the industry. Available in garneted and blown products which are marketed as either branded or unbranded fiber types.


Finished Cushions and Pillows
Hickory Springs can cut, sew and fill seat cushions, back pillows and arm pillows with the finest fibers and downs, all according to your exact specifications.

Fill to Order
Hickory Springs can fill your ticking casing with any of our fiber types. We specialize in custom shapes, economical pricing, and on-time delivery.

Bulk Fibers
Hickory Springs can also deliver bulk quantities of any of our fiber types. Call for a quotation.


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